About Gold Mount’n

About Us Image Slide Show Gold Mount'n started in 2007 with a solid foundation of education and life experiences with our equine partners. Evelyn has a degree in Equine Sciences from Wyoming while Mert has a background in education and business and Brent was responsible for getting us started by selecting our first two foals from Wyoming. Our experience raising our own horses, attending shows, enjoying trail rides, visiting stables, participating in auctions, competing in equine events, and involvement in organizations like 4-H have exposed us to all sorts of different breeds and riding 'styles'. We have come to the conclusion that a good horse is a good horse regardless of registration, color, or riding discipline.

We believe the mind, body and spirit of a horse are more important than if she or he is bay or buckskin. Our breeding stock consist of an Appaloosa from Washington, a bay from Arkansas, a paint from Montana, a sorrel from Wyoming, a chestnut from Montana and a recent addition of a dun tobiano from Washington. Regardless of color our mares were selected primarily based upon conformation and personality. They have been a joy to work with and have placed well minded, willing foals with every breeding.

Our horses are family and are herd raised. They are introduced to stalls as part of their training but not as a way of life. They are pastured year round with access to shelter. They learn to be a horse; bone and muscle have a chance to learn to move, stretch and grow strong while playing on the Palouse hills. We often ask visitors into the herd where they are often surprised at how willing and curious our horses are as visitors weave in and out of our precious band.


“I am very grateful for Evelyn Mount I purchased my horse Maximilian (Shadow) from her recently and I can’t thank her enough. She made sure I knew how he was doing with frequent updates. She spent quality time with him, made sure he got what he needed (shots and registration). He is the calmest horse I’ve ever had. This is the first horse I’ve had since 2012. My passion is horses and I got my dream horse from her! No kicking or biting and learns very well and fast. I can’t wait to start training him to ride next Fall!
If you are looking for beautiful well tempered horses, contact Evelyn!!
Thank you so much! God bless you and your sweet family!”

~ Jennah Lynn Rogers

“We had the incredible privileged of transporting Shadow from WA to GA. After the first day I had to write a note to Evelyn and thank her for the wonderful mind this young colt has as well as the obvious handling he has been exposed to. This Colt was completely trusting, willing and 100% ready for not just his first trailer ride but a Transport of across the country. We cannot thank Evelyn enough for making this a good experience for Shadow through his temperament and previous handling:) We hope to be kept in the loop on his future progress with his new owner:)”

~ Sherri Garrot, JNS Equine Transport

“Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to tell you that I have been working with Evelyn Mount on getting a foal from one of her mares and if you want someone that you can trust to go out of her way to make sure that everything is done and ready for the foal’s new owners she is your breeder. If you are looking for foal that is handled all the time, and even started in showing you will find great babies with Evelyn Mount. I would recommend anyone to her if there looking for a well breed, loving foal, or even a great horse that is ready to go any direction that you want.”

~ Bobbie Redding SandyDownUnder Horse Training, Wyoming

“Hello, My Name is Angie Rockwell I own Red Rock Performance Horses and my standing stallion AQHA Imperial Satin Sun, and am partners with Gold Mount’n Ranch.”

“I just wanted to say a few words about my great friendship and business relationship with some great horse people! Evelyn and Julian Mount are very honest, hard working people with a ton of integrity and honor. In todays horse industry it isn’t always easy to find people you can trust to be fair and honest and reasonable in many dealings. However when you find those few greats it is important to build a connection and align yourself with people you can trust to have the same kind of focus and passion for great horse for great people. To have the support and common goals of people who see your dream and make it their own. I feel extremely blessed to be able to work with these great horseman and learn and grow a program that we see in the future to excel and promote fabulous horses of quality and integrity themselves.”

“I would also like to let people know that the mares and foals being offered by Gold Mount’n are exception and the complete packages. They are chosen and bred for what the market needs today. Versatility, class, conformation, great trainable minds pedigrees of tried and true bloodlines and to top it off color! We as partners are very excited to bring some great horses to our customers today and in the future.”

“In closing I just have to say I have seen both sides of the industry from the shady horse trader to the true horseman who makes it about the horses and with a word is someone you can trust. I have found the later in Gold Mount’n and I feel truly blessed to have these great people and horses in my corner!”

~ Angie Rockwell, owner of Red Rock Performance Horses

“Hello Evelyn,”

“Thank you so much for your kind open house showing of Kahlua! He is truly just as I though he was from your pictures. I did make it to Sandpoint without any issues and did get to see Tyler’s gelding (Jack). I’m waiting today for a lady to call me that is in Eureka (I think I told you about this one---he had been sold, but somehow the deal didn’t work out and he’s back on the market)--so I’m heading up there tomorrow to see him. She does have someone else coming on Wed to see this horse too, so there is interest. He was the one I truly wanted for his age (6 years) and well trained via Clinton Anderson’s methods. So I have to be honest and say that if he looks and acts like represented, I will definitely go with him. But nothing is assured at this time. Like I said, I don’t want to leave you hanging and if you find a buyer for Kahlua, please don’t pass it up for waiting on me. I have re-evaluated my feelings about having a 2 year old and I don’t think that one so young is what I want. That’s hard to say, as I thought he might be perfect for me at first, but all my horse looksees have been telling me I need one older (not old) and one more well trained and used to the world. So, again, thank you so much for showing him to me. It was wonderful to meet your daughter and dad and the visit was far and above any that I’ve had so far looking at horses and their owners. Hang in there, there is someone who will see him for the incredible horse he will become.”

~ Sincerely, Karen Anderson

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